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Owner Financed Homes

Who says you need a bank approved loan to finance your next home purchase? Qualifying for home financing and building a down payment can be tough in any economy, but you shouldn't have to settle for an apartment or rental. Owner-Finance-Homefinder.com provides the tools you need to find owner financed homes and rent to own properties. For Sale by Owner homes are often sold by owners who have purchased another home (usually because of a job move or relocation) but cannot wait to see their home being sold. It alleviates the burden and worry of maintenance & frees them from having to pay a second mortgage. With so many homes with owner financing available, you can avoid the bank and still find & buy the right home for you and your family.

Home Financing with Bad Credit

Finding the financing to purchase a home with bad credit can feel like an uphill battle. That’s why finding homes that are owner financed or homes that are rent to own can be your best bet. Not only does it give the renter the opportunity to become a homeowner, it allows them to save for a down payment and helps them fix or establish their credit so they can qualify for the best available financing rates when their purchase option term ends. It’s simple: First, sign up to receive listings that include homes for sale that are owner financed. Second, find a 'for sale by owner' home that you’d like to purchase. Third, make a small one-time payment, to serve as the “option purchase” and normal rent payments. Fourth, live in that home & act as the homeowner would, taking care of landscaping, appliances, etc. At the end of your option purchase agreement, you’ll hopefully have saved a down payment, while the owner is able to collect rent payments. This benefits the buyer and seller, while avoiding the bank!